SMARTT Targets For Social Media Business


SMARTT Targets For Social Media Targets need to be precise and detailed for what the target is for, so particular to the context. So a specific target may be that for Facebook you want more likes. This is only attainable via Facebook as for Twitter it’s about followers not likes.


Targets need to be measurable as you need to be able to quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress on a target so you know where you’re heading and whether you’re on track. So questions you may ask would be “How will I know I have accomplished it!” So if you’re looking to get more likes on Facebook for example you can have a clear indication of progress by seeing how many like you have in the first place and how many more you want to achieve, this can be measured throughout the time frame.


Goals need to be achievable and realistic. If targets are not accomplishable or below standard performance, then they are invalid and meaningless, so therefore are not worth making. You need to have the ability, attitude, financial capacity and skills to reach the target, so these need to be worked out in order to see if it is attainable. So a question you may ask yourself “How can it be achieved”. For example, can you achieve getting so many likes in this time frame and is it possible, how you are going to do it. So this may be by putting a ‘Like us on Facebook’ link on an email newsletter to all existing customers.


The target needs to matter, it needs to be something to help the business and improve something, so things you may ask yourself are: “Is it worthwhile?” For example, is getting more likes on Facebook going to help our business, is it worth it? It may be as Social Media can amplify a business very well, so even just spreading your name can help.

Time Bound

Targets need to have a date in which you want to achieve them by. This helps put a time frame on it, so encouraging people to complete them before the due date. This helps establish a sense of urgency and so makes it important and hard to be ignored. It needs to be something achievable though, you can’t expect to get 100likes in a couple days on Facebook. But maybe over a month or couple weeks is a more achievable time frame.


The coaching or teaching of businesses to ensure they are Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Bound

SMARTT Targets For Social MediaMake the SMARTTER


Along the way of achieving a target you need to evaluate it. To know whether the way you’re attaining it is working or not. Or even possibly what needs to be changed to make the target possible to be attained. So this may be the time where you decide you need to hurry up or try something more effective just to reach your target in the time frame. For example, if you only have a couple days left to get 40 likes and it’s taken the rest of the month to just get 60, you may need to change the strategy or even think again and give it more time.


This would more than likely happen when the time frame is up and your target is over, so this would be where you decide whether you reached your target and if not, what you could now do to change that. If you have reached your target what went well, what didn’t. What would you change if you did it all again. For example, if you did achieve the right amount your target, was the strategy for doing it efficient.

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