Liberium Crypto is a Crypto Trading Execution site where users get the benefit and freedom of Social Trading.

You can join Liberium Crypto With either Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Litecoin. There are two different styles of packages

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Liberium Crypto

Liberium Crypto offers 2 packages: a crypto trading signal platform as well as a complete automatic trade execution platform with real traders. The automatic trades are processed with trade credits and not on a specific timeframe (like a monthly subscription). This allows the trades to happen naturally in the market. If the market is "flat" you are not wasting time on a monthly subscription.

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1. Signals Only Service - $79 monthly for those who are hands-on. You receive the trade signal and you execute the buy and sell.

 2. Trade Execution Service - Fully automated (hands-off) trading. Everything is automated for you. A (buy order and the corresponding sell order) is a total of #1 trade token.

 A) Liberium Package (Best Value) - 1,000 Trade Tokens $715 you receive 40% extra trade tokens.

B) Peace Package - 700 Trade Tokens $537 you receive 30% extra trade tokens.

 C) Justice Package - 400 Trade Tokens $358 you receive 11.4% extra trade tokens.

D) Veritas Package - 179 Trade Tokens $179

Customers can pay in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin. This means you will need all 3 wallets to receive commissions.

 Each exchange has more than 140 trade pairs that we trade but you have to make sure that you are connected via API. Set up should take about 5 minutes, but the results could last a lifetime!

Steps to get started

Have a crypto exchange ready. Must use either Kraken, KuCoin, and Gemini.
Buy a Package. You actually pre-fund your account using BTC, DOGE or LTC before you select a package.
Select a payment method to send funds to your account. (Bitcoin / Litecoin / Dogecoin)
Select your desired token or signal package.
Set up your API - set up video is inside your dashboard. 
Select the amount you want to trade on each trade. The value is shown in USD.
Follow the instructions shown at the bottom of the page to complete the API set up.
Choose the trader you want to trade for you

What you'll Get


Get Automatic Trade Update Notifications or Automatically enter a trade.

100% Real Traders

Automatically exit a trade. Enjoy a free trailing stop loss on every trade.

Crypto Exchange

Each exchange has more than 140 trade pairs

Liberium Crypto


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