CapitaLIUM – The development of this Intelligent Remuneration System, made fully autonomous and secure, owes its success to a collaboration between skilled developers across Asia and the invaluable contribution of ChatGPT. By leveraging the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, developers were able to tap into multiple lines of advanced code from ChatGPT, allowing them to precisely configure

During the project, ChatGPT played a pivotal role in not only identifying and formulating the best strategies, but also providing valuable insights on  financial aspects. It assisted in making informed decisions regarding risk management, reward structures, and financial security factors, ensuring the overall effectiveness and profitability of CapitaLIUM.

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CapitaLIUM owes a significant debt of gratitude to private Asian investors who actively drive the LIUM token protocol forward. These dedicated investors, recognizing the value of early contributors, have chosen to reward them through three distinct formulas, especially designed and tested by ChatGPT. As a result, a portion of the dividends distributed by CapitaLIUM is specifically allocated to investors who hold one of these Formulas, as well as through airdropping LIUM tokens. These dividends are derived from an investment fund valued at 3.5 million USD, which is owned by Chaintrum Labs Limited. The involvement and support of these private Asian investors are pivotal in enabling the successful distribution of dividends and driving the growth of the LIUM project.

As a valued contributor to LIUM, you not only enjoy exclusive access to the BETA PHASE Floor Price but also have the opportunity to participate in the token launch. The future advantages of holding LIUM make it an exceptional token for our ongoing development projects. With the implementation of the LIUM Protocol and its dividend business model, market dumping is prevented, guaranteeing a positive trajectory for the token instead.

As we venture into the future, we are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary platform, LIUMSWAP. Poised to launch following our public sale, LIUMSWAP is more than just a crypto platform – it’s a complete ecosystem where users can stake, vote, and swap tokens, integrating seamlessly with our existing LIUM protocol.

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