So listen, I enjoy money games. Every five or ten years or so I may play some slot machines or a few rounds of blackjack. But I learned years ago gambling is a losers way to try and get rich.

Investing and building businesses is how the wealthy do it.

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If you want to play some of these crypto money games it’s cool with me, but don’t expect to get rich. And if you do by a miracle get rich playing them you better hope the authorities don’t come looking for you. (It happens all the time.)

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Anyway, I hope you know by now AdStaker isn’t a money game.

Not only do we have an amazing product already working (our awesome full-page ads) we have a number of other exciting ad products going into development you’ll hear a lot more about very soon.

When you find a growing company with real products and services that are in demand and you get in early (or simply at the right time) you have a great chance of earning life-changing money. But the only way you’re going to earn life-changing money is if you focus on:


>> Accumulating as many tokens as you can.


>> Compounding.

If you’re a token chucker (as soon as you have some profit you chuck/sell it all) you won’t be getting rich any time soon. In fact you won’t get rich at all. You really need to understand and appreciate the fact that AdStaker really has nothing to do with its token price, whether it goes up or down we keep building and growing.

All cryptos, all stocks, all commodities, their prices go up and down.

The real question is do you believe in the company?

One of my investing heroes Warren Buffett has an investing philosophy that has made him one of the richest people in the world. Buffet recommends that you find a handful of companies you like and believe will be around a long time and buy them when they are “cheap”. In other words when the stock price is low. 

And he goes on to say when you find that company HOLD it forever.

Most people in crypto don’t understand this. Most people in crypto are chuckers. I believe AdStaker is going to turn a lot of chuckers into value investors. It already is doing that 🙂

So if you want to have an unbelievable 2023 keep buying AdStaker. Keep staking and compounding. You will thank yourself later.

Yours To Success