As 2022 winds down and we get ready for a fresh New Year, here are some thoughts to ponder from AdStaker HQ.

Let’s think about how far we’ve come and where we want to be in ’23.

On September 29th of this year after months of development and weeks of beta testing we publicly launched AdStaker. They designed, developed and launched AdStaker with the vision of creating a program that all of us could use to build long-term wealth. An exciting special place where affiliate and network marketers could easily reach the exact people they are looking to reach every day.

  • We’d seen way too many advertising programs that didn’t really help advertisers and only helped the owners selling the advertising.
  • We’d seen far too many advertising programs that were nothing more than excuses to hide their elaborate ponzi schemes.
  • We’d seen enough of here today gone tomorrow crypto programs. Many of which disappeared with all the users money.
  • We also wanted something simpler and easier to use because crypto can be difficult especially for newbies.

AdStaker | View 10 ads per day and get paid

Yes we’ve had our growing pains. Something as powerful and innovative as AdStaker is bound to have issues especially in the beginning. But we get through it. Although we launched AdStaker with insanely high daily rewards as a marketing tactic we’ve gradually been settling into more sustainable but still very attractive daily rewards and our stakes are still loving it. 

(We’ll always continue to have some ‘juiced up’ daily rewards days though so stay staked with as many tokens as you can to take advantage of those days 🙂

Our in-house token $ADSTKR has had ups and downs as all tokens have these past few months but we are still over 700% higher than when we launched! So, looking forward to 2023 we are expecting everything in AdStaker to be even more incredible. Beyond imagination.

We’re about to take AdStaker to a whole new level with new exciting advertising options and much wider reach globally. All of this is in the works and there should be some exciting announcements this week regarding it.

For those of you who are staking, clicking, earning and compounding every day I encourage you to keep at it. You will be so grateful that you did! Because unlike the hit-and-run and flaky programs we have seen in the past, we don’t operate that way here in AdStaker.

We treat AdStaker as a real business that will be here for years and years to come. And we will be. Adjustments will always need to be made but always for the betterment of the business and the success of our stakes and advertisers.

So stay strong. Stay committed. Be excited! 

You are part of something that has enormous potential to change your life completely in ’23!

Happy AdStaking

AdStaker | View 10 ads per day and get paid