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Social networking is the use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with others or to find people with similar interests to yours. It’s also a platform to use as a marketing tool whether you’re marketing a product or service you can reach a lot of people through social media.


Geofeedia in a tool that allows the user to locate social media postings in real time.  The user can search an address and draw a digital perimeter map  so for instance you could draw a map within  a couple of miles around your business or place of work  and you can see if posts on Social networking about your address or establishment are being  posted  on twitter, Instagram , Facebook or Pinterest.


MarketMeSuite is a social media engagement platform that allows a business to use key word searches within 5-1000 miles of their location to populate results in that area around them so for example someone could be posting “I need to find a new karate class”  and if the dojo is using MarketMeSuite  they can do the key word search of “Karate” or “Karate Class” and find that post  then target that user with advertising or follow them.Social networking


WeLink Social networking allows the user to monitor conversations happening on the streets through social media, they can target specific streets and use keyword searches to track specific topics of conversation, it captures these conversations on Google+, Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram.


Hootsuite is quite similar to MarketMeSuite it uses keyword searches to find users talking or enquiring about different products or services on social media sites, it can then be used to target that customer with advertisements and or special offers to gain and engage with new customers on Social networking


Sysmos is a social media listening tool designed to find things being posted by influential consumers e.g. bloggers, youtubers or professionals working within the same industry.  A business can find out what products their customer are most interested in this way they can develop marketing campaigns and potentially drop a product from the shelves if it isn’t performing as well as the others.

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    • Barbara

      This is interesting, Barry. I had heard of some of these, but never researched them. Thanks.

    • Jack V Sage

      I appreiate having this list available. I have not yet begun marketing, and these sites will be a huge help.

    • Barry Joyce

      Hi Barbara

      Thanks for dropping by – good luck re-searching them and I hope you find them useful

      Do let me know how you get on or if you need any advice

      All the best


    • Barry Joyce

      Hey Jack

      Thanks for dropping by

      I hope you find them useful and of benefit to your marketing

      Do let me know if you need any advice

      All the best


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