Social Media Platforms for Business

Social Media for BusinessDescriptionIs It Right For Your Business?
Facebook PagesA Page is almost like a website that's easy to customize and provides a great way to connect with customers.Use your Page to do polls, crowdsource ad copy, interact with customers, hold contests, etc.
Google+ PageGoogle+ Pages are Google’s version of Facebook Pages. They provide businesses, products, brands, and organizations with a public identity and presence on Google+. Use the Hangouts feature to hold customer focus groups and Q&A sessions. Share regular updates and interesting content with your followers. Make your Page searchable in Google.
LinkedIn Company PageLinkedIn Company Pages are mini-websites about your company that provide a place to spread awareness of your brand and products, as well as hire employees.Post special product offers, YouTube videos, descriptions and key features of products, company contact info, and regular status updates.
LinkedIn GroupLinkedIn Groups are online forums where members of this professional social media site can get together and talk about common interests and topics.Network with colleagues, discuss hot topics with potential customers and clients, share information to educate target market and demonstrate expertise.
TwitterA place to share news and information with your customers in real-time. Update customers about latest promotions and news, reply to customer service issues, give short tips for using your product, conduct short polls, etc.
YouTubeYouTube provides your company with its own online video channel for sharing and promoting your videos, while interacting with viewers.Create video demos, customer testimonials, product promos, company overviews, etc.
Pinterest Business AccountPinterest is a visual social media site. You can create a specific business account in Pinterest for sharing visual information and videos about your business, as well as interacting with viewers. Create boards on different product categories with images of the product in use, invite customers to share their images, pin video demos from YouTube or elsewhere, run Pinterest contests.

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