The Worlds Top Economists Want to Work for Amazon and Facebook


At an April meetup organized by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), a Facebook researcher named Michael Bailey showed his peers how somebody in Detroit might be willing to pay more for a home if he or she had lots of Facebook friends living in a high-priced housing market such as San Francisco. For their paper, Bailey…

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SMARTT Targets For Social Media Business

SMARTT Targets For Social Media Business Specific: SMARTT Targets nееd to bе рrесіѕе аnd dеtаіlеd for whаt thе tаrgеt іѕ fоr, ѕо раrtісulаr to the соntеxt. So a specific tаrgеt may bе thаt for Fасеbооk уоu wаnt mоrе likes. This is оnlу attainable via Fасеbооk as fоr Twitter it’s about fоllоwеrѕ nоt lіkеѕ. Mеаѕurаblе: SMARTT…

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EU vote: Where the cabinet and other MPs stand – BBC News


EU vote: A deal has been done on renegotiating the UK’s terms of membership of the EU and David Cameron has announced a 23 June referendum on whether the UK should stay in, or leave, the European Union. How do government ministers and MPs from all the parties in the House of Commons line up?…

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EU referendum: Ex-footballer David Beckham backs Remain

EU referendum: Ex-footballer David Beckham backs Remain – BBC news Image copyright Getty Images Image caption David Beckham said playing for Real Madrid and other clubs on the continent had made him a better person David Beckham has urged people to vote to stay in the European Union, saying the UK should be “facing the…

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. Image: microsoft Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, marking one of the biggest tech mergers in recent memory and giving the software giant a firm foothold in the online professional world. The move is easily the largest by Microsoft (it bought Nokia for $7.6 billion…

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Ministers ‘have no plan to address teacher shortages’ – BBC News


Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption Schools do all they can to ensure there is someone in front of class when short of teachers Ministers have “no plan” to meet the growing teacher shortage in England, says the Public Accounts’ Committee. The select committee, which has called for an overhaul of the system, says in a…

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Twitter abuse – ‘50% of misogynistic tweets from women’ – BBC News


Image copyright AP Image caption Twitter boss Jack Dorsey has pledged to tackle abuse on the platform Half of all misogynistic tweets posted on Twitter come from women, a study suggests. Over a three-week period, think tank Demos counted the number of uses of two particular words as indicators of misogyny. It found evidence of…

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Mobile optimisation A must for SEO

Mobile optimisation Mobile optimisation refers to how a business can edit a website and change the layout, size, usability and keywords in order to suit a user on a mobile or tablet. The main differences between SEO and mobile optimisation consist of formatting and the fact the SEO is based on results and websites that…

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Facebook Tactics – Everything I Saw for Two Days I liked

Facebook Tactics There’s this great; Andy Warhol quote you’ve probably seen before: “I think everybody should like everybody.” You can buy posters and plates with pictures of Warhol, looking like the cover of a Belle & Sebastian album, with that phrase plastered across his face in Helvetica. But the full quote, taken from a 1963…

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Why Social Media Traffic Matters in Marketing

Social Media Traffic Social Media Traffic – Mаrkеtеrѕ саn be pretty dіvіdеd whеn it соmеѕ tо thе value оf social mеdіа. Some реорlе trу іt but don’t rеаllу have thе right ѕtrаtеgу. Others have аn оkау strategy but dоn’t have thе follow thrоugh. Thе mаіn рrоblеm соmеѕ wіth people аrе looking fоr a magical ѕtrаtеgу…

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