Richie McCaw on a new All Blacks era of domination

‘The team just moves on’: Richie McCaw on a new All Blacks era of domination   Richie McCaw – The former captain talks about the Bledisloe Cup, Sam Cane and why a man never quite at ease in the public eye is now releasing a book and a movie They were never going to miss…

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How Facebook powers money machines for obscure political ‘news’ sites


From Macedonia to the San Francisco Bay, clickbait political sites are cashing in on Trumpmania and theyre getting a big boost from Facebook Donald Trump may be struggling to capture a majority of voters in the heartland of America, but there is one eastern European precinct he would likely carry in a landslide if only…

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Two Arrested After Video Appears To Show Adults Blowing Pot Smoke Into Toddler’s Face


Two Idaho women were arrested on child endangerment charges this week after a video reportedly posted on Facebook appeared to show four adults smoking pot in a room with child, at one point blowing smoke into the boy’s face. According to KPVI, the alleged incident occurred on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. A report about the…

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Homophobic tweet calling for gay people to burn and die

  Andre Gray sorry for homophobic tweet calling for gay people to burn and die The Burnley striker Andre Gray has apologised after homophobic tweets from 2012 in which he appeared to condone killing gay people were shared on social media The Burnley striker Andre Gray has apologised after homophobic tweets in which he appeared…

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Where’s the money? Milo Yiannopoulos denies he spent cash for charity fund


Former director of privilege fund, which Yiannopoulos set up for white men to balance scholarships for women and minorities, says money was mismanaged The rightwing writer and internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos has apologised for mismanaging a privilege grant college scholarship fund for white men. Yiannopoulos admitted on Friday he had missed a deadline to turn…

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Gary Lineker presents Match of the Day in his underpants


Former Leicester City striker tweeted he would appear in his underwear if the team won the Premier League. Five months later they did Gary Lineker has fulfilled his promise to present BBCs Match of the Day in his underwear, vowed to present the BBC football programme in his undies if the club won the Premier…

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Stolen rubber duck returned to family after traveling world for five years


The Troiano family received postcards and photos from Gale Ducky, as the yellow duck was taken to 20 countries since 2011 before being delivered home A New Hampshire familys missing rubber duck has suddenly reappeared, along with a suitcase full of souvenirs and an international mystery. Stolen in 2011, the Troiano familys duck returned home…

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Facebook v Adblock: the anti-ad empire strikes back


Facebook thought it had thwarted ad-blockers on its network. Facebook was wrong Two days ago, Facebook announced it had implemented changes to its site a blog post dated 9 August, Facebook vice-president Andrew Bosworth announced that ad blockers would no longer make sponsored posts disappear on desktop and laptop computers. However, in an apparently magnanimous…

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Twitter accused of supporting Isis

San Francisco judge dismisses suit accusing Twitter of supporting Isis The family of two men shot and killed in Jordan claimed Twitter contributed to their deaths by allowing Isis to sign up for and use Twitter accounts A federal judge in San Francisco has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Twitter of supporting the Islamic State group.…

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Drifting SUVs in the UAE: The hobby of ‘hajwalah’


Drifting SUVs in the UAE: The hobby of ‘hajwalah’   (CNN)An SUV races down an open, desert road. Suddenly, the driver whips the steering wheel as hard and fast as he can in one direction, then back the other way. The vehicle spins uncontrollably, skidding across the road. This dangerous drifting phenomenon is called “hajwalah,”…

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