Twitter pegging revenue hopes on $10bn live video market


Shares plunge 10% as revenue falls short of analysts estimates amid modest gain of 3 million users Twitter is battling for a share of the internets booming video advertising budgets, its executives said on Friday, as the company reported its slowest growth in quarterly revenue since going public in 2013. Facing increasing competition from fast-growing…

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Twitter for dummies: a guide to the social network that still confuses us


Twitter has launched a new ad campaign after discovering that many people still dont understand it. Thankfully, the Guardians guide explains it all Although Twitter has been part of the cultural and political discourse for years, a vast percentage of the population still doesnt understand it. To this blissfully ignorant percentage, tweets are simply the…

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What Clinton’s campaign learned from gamers


Philadelphia (CNN)When you get tired of hunting Pokmon, Hillary Clinton’s campaign hopes you’ll get addicted to her new game too. The campaign unveiled a new smartphone app for supporters Sunday that borrows elements and strategies directly from the mobile gaming industry, a move that Clinton’s tech team thinks will get more people involved with the…

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Pokmon woe: player drives into police car while another is robbed


Elsewhere, a Pokmon trainer gets stuck in a tree as officers across the country struggle to handle continuing app-fuelled mishaps A woman trying to catch Pokmon got stuck in a cemetery tree in New Jersey, a Baltimore man drove into a police car and a man in New Hampshire was robbed at knifepoint, as officers…

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Fears in Baton Rouge underscore growing racial tension across US


The motive in the shootings of police officers remains unclear but the immediate reaction highlights concerns at the end of Obamas presidency Less than a week ago, Barack Obama stood at a lectern in front of a Texan concert hall to tell a frightened nation it was not, in fact, coming apart at the seams.…

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Will the Olympics offer Brazil a way out of crisis or add to its burden?


With three weeks to go until the opening ceremony, Rio de Janeiro is desperate for an uplift and fearful of what will happen when the athletes leave As dusk falls over Copacabana beach, Ubira Santos, a 63-year-old sand sculptor, relaxes with a few friends on deckchairs in front of one of his distinctive creations. A…

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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube may be blocked in Turkey amid coup attempt


Reports emerge during attempted military coup of people struggling to access social media in a country described as a bastion of internet censorship Turkey may be blocking or slowing access to social media networks amid an attempted military coup, although there are conflicting reports emerging from the country thats tweeted on Friday evening that Facebook,…

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Dennis Cooper fears censorship as Google erases blog without warning

The author and artists 14-year-old blog, in the same vein as his transgressive novels, was taken down by Google even erasing an unfinished book Two weeks ago, writer and artist Dennis Cooper was checking his Gmail when something peculiar happened: the page was refreshed and he was notified that his account had been deactivated along…

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Digital currency Steem soars 1,000% in value in two weeks

Currency behind social media website Steemit, in which users are rewarded or paid based number of thumbs up, has rocketed to more than $150m in value Steem, the digital currency behind the new social media website Steemit, soared more than 1,000% in value on Tuesday to more than $150m, two weeks after it first paid…

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The resurrection of Nantes: how free public art brought the city back to life

How did the French city transform post-war decline into a growing cultural awakening? By giving the public open access to free contemporary art After a carousel ride aboard a giant octopus with moving tentacles, we emerge to find an oversized mechanical elephant wandering down the street, steam blowing from its trunk. In the moat of…

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