WordPress Gutenberg Video Course

Video 1

Video 3
Basics of WordPress

Video 5
   Upgrading to WordPress 5 0

Video 7
Using the Default Theme

Video 9
The Editor Layout Part 2

Video 11
Customizing Blocks

Video 13
Manipulating Blocks Part 2

Video 15
Adding Images

Video 17
Adding Videos

Video 19

Video 2
Installing WordPress

Video 4
Backing Up Your WordPress

Video 6
 Finding Compatible Themes

Video 8
The Editor Layout Part 1

Video 10
     Adding Blocks 

Video 12
Manipulating Blocks Part 1

Video 14
Adding and Customizing Text

Video 16
Adding Lists

Video 18
Image Overlay

You can download these videos directly, without any watermarks & use them in your own personal projects/social media posts/blogs/ websites etc... for £4.99

Course Objectives

This specific training course was designed to help you understand how to use the WordPress Gutenberg Editor in more depth, even if you are a newbie.

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