Onecoin Pyramid Scheme -The reality behind


Onecoin Pyramid Scheme. I want to talk about is Onecoin a scam one point is the new kid on the block in crypto monies also known as digital monies have you heard a bitcoin bitcoin made a billion dollars in three years. Onecoin has interrupted accounts and done it in less than a year. They’re based out of Bulgaria and there’s been a plenty of swindle bloggers that have a lot of advertising techniques that they’ve learned to go and find corporations that actually are developing really fast and threw grime out about them and actually sku their blog sections to make it sound actually negative and to make it look like the company’s a scam you are able to set the word swindle in all types of google searches and find scam sections about just about any company so don’t let that be your google search when you’re looking for things do your due diligence and delve and actually find because if you don’t do your due diligence on Onecoin you’re going to miss something they could change your life and the lives of those you know that you could associates itself with this with.

Onecoin Pyramid Scheme – This is a print of the OneCoin voice.

It’s from Forbes May issue in Bulgaria May 2015 and i want to tell you about the label voice program with Forbes magazine. This is an section i’ve included the URL again you are able to intermission this if you want to to be able to read further but i was only want to let you know they’re introducing and you encounter embraces of issues here 30 under 30 is another label voice program for younger entrepreneurs and it talks about their program now you know Forbes as a reputable company even if people are aims to achieve publicizing they’re going to investigate them they’re not just going to let anybody on the cover-up of Forbes magazine they’ve got a reputation to preserve. You can see that AT& T also is a Brand Voice spouse and label voice is consistent with Forbes mission to offer audiences credible voices and business revelations always transparently identified.

If Dr. Ruja Ignatova the founder of Onecoin was not transparent, she wouldn’t have been able to even have any kind of publicizing or an interview section done in Forbes bulgaria magazine there’s another example where reference is talks about AT& T being a brand voice partner.

Onecoin Pyramid Scheme

Here is a letter to the members about the english translation of the interview that was done in the May issue of Forbes Bulgaria and it talks about I’m illuminating the suppositions that have been in simulated by many regarding this section. So you are able to read that again you can interrupt it and you are able to read it to learn more about the BrandVoice magazine section. Here’s a print of it and you can see up in the upper left-hand corner it tells kinds label voice there’s nothing to hide. Here’s the English translation and i’ve included the website address of where you can find it in order to be allowed to read it clearly. I want to tell you likewise that one coin is hired semper Fortis an independent auditing company to audit it’s blockchain another thing that being transparent with this audit is done on a monthly basis and if you go ahead and research semper Fortis you’re going to find that they even audit corporations like BMW and and look at their clients because you’ll be able to find that there are reputable auditing firm as well now in the first eight months of life that spelled wrong there I’m sorry about that you can see some age-old amounts here this was as of May 31 st 2015 well as a July sixteenth instead of it one point having made a hundred and eighty-seven newly-created millionaires that amountsOnecoin Pyramid Scheme

Now at 285 brand-new millionaires how many people have joined over 450 3001 degrees mind over 238 million and you’re going to see the numbers 415 million is the market capitalisation that’s not the same as the billion dollars that they’ve brought in right now the cost has been of the one coin has been levitating around a dollar 74 to a dollar seventy eight US dollars and this is how many coins have been mined like i just mentioned in the previous slip “youre seeing” one point has moved to second place on X Kleenex dot-com because of the rapid growth also here is a this shown in the youtube videos a few of them have been done to talk about center semper Fortis and it presents associates for client roll that you are able to check out and do your due diligence don’t let this pass you by because of people saying it was a scam again this talks more about world markets capitalisation and why you can’t find one point yet on coin market and other pages so check that out this goes into more about the forbes magazine section and the label voice second cover-up and segment of the magazine ah look at that one point swindle dot-com you know who they bought their region name from they bought it from godaddy whoever the person was that own that apparently changed servers about four hours in a month and they were putting malicious lies out there about one coin godaddy being the reputable company that they are they suspended this out hmm think about that one what is on gold coin it’s a hybrid cryptocurrency and you are able to read more here about or gold coin again delays if you’d like

Onecoin Pyramid Scheme

Dr.Usha and natoma and one point has partnered with warm gold coin and she is patronage this with 22 kilograms of gold that she is purchased and have has put in a vault in dubai here are the product bundles with the one academy financial bundles that you get really good financial education when you purchase the bundles you get tokens that you turn into my the mining process which is nowhere near what they do in bitcoin bitcoin miners have to do these large-hearted infrastructure computers that expense a lot of fund and my name is a so difficult process one point computer structure does it all and we are just have a couple clicks in our back office to take care of our mining process until august 31 st 2015 we likewise get in some incentives of some foreign gold coins in our bundles we likewise get a one card in the one pay structure in order to transfer our earnings on to a debit card and use it right away like a MasterCard you can see that there is a enrollment fee of thirty year olds and all these rates are in euros so you’ve got to convert them if you’re converting to the US dollar we just lost launched officially the fourth of July 2015 in the United States and is growing rapidly and that’s why the bloggers that are out there trying to advertise and get traffic to their locate “ve tried to” build grime on one point don’t let that get in the way of you doing your due diligence and detecting the true and find what kind of an opportunity this is get back with the person or persons reckoned enough of “youve got to” share the information with you about one point so that you can make an civilized decision don’t let a quick google search for your due diligence check this out exhaustively don’t let the swindle bloggers seem your dreams if you missed out on the millions make use of those who know exactly why Bitcoin early don’t miss an opportunity with onecoin it is already changing lives thank the person who told you about one point and put together your membership today


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